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Shattaf Jewelry Manufacturing unit in UAE was established in 1974. The team delivers high quality designs to major retailers in the UAE.

Shattaf Jewelers acclaim to be the first Jewelry Company to start manufacturing in the UAE. With the magical touch of our fine craftsmen pure gold is transformed into Jewelry that is truly captivating in its simple but exquisite finishing.

At the inception Shattaf Gold and Jewelry Manufacturing focused on providing gold jewelry in the form of an asset to the expats of the Indian subcontinent. As trade developed and the company started sourcing raw materials from the European markets and increased their footprint from the one main store in the Deira Gold Souq to outlets in the numerous shopping malls production also increased making Shattaf Gold and Jewelry one of the largest manufacturers of gold jewelry in the UAE.

Besides been member of the Dubai Jewelry Group, Shattaf Jewelers are also annual participants in the Abu Dhabi Bride Show and the Sharjah Jewelry Expo that are the main jewelry exhibitions in the region.

Being part of the gold and diamond jewelry business for more than 30 years has led to an in-depth understanding of the clientele, their preferences in terms of jewelry designs, price ranges, purchase trends and their shopping culture. The Shattaf jewelry stores are located in the Mirdiff Center, Mall of the Emirates and Gould souk with expert customer service agents who are well trained in extending a friendly and helpful attitude toward all walk-in customers catering to their every whim when it comes to creating a pleasant shopping experience. Attention to detail be it in the jewelry designs, quality of precious stones sourced as well as at the customer service end of the spectrum, Shattaf Jewelry is a celebrated brand in the UAE and the gulf region for its excellence.

The marketing strategy of expanding the focus from manufacturing strictly value centric jewelry pieces to studying fashion sensitive trends and creating contemporary designs has proved highly popular amongst the Arab as well as the European clientele alike. Shattaf Gold and Jewelry have been dynamic and successfully adapted their business model by updating their manufactured pieces of jewelry originally valued more for their quality of gold and preciousness of gemstones into brilliant pieces of adornment.

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